I don't know if I like the answer he gave me.

So I have been, I guess seeing this guy for about 3 weeks, gone on two dates and talk everyday. It came up in conversation about me hanging out with a friend he asked if it was a guy and I said no, but asked if it would bother him it was a date..and he said no. I dunno, I kind of think he isn't really into me, I mean I would be bothered if he went on a date..What do you think?


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  • uh

    Well, my OPINION is that he just didn't want to say he'd be bothered to avoid sounding weak/clingy. I mean I don't know why it would matter if it was a guy or not if you he didn't care.

    again, this is an opinion and most questions are from situation to situation


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  • Well asking him what he'd think if you went on a date with another guy since you and him have already gone on 2 dates wasn't a good idea. You should talk it over with him and explain to him why you asked him this. Look at it from his perspective. He might be thinking that your are not all that interested in him. I don't mean to sound too scolding here ha. Things should work out well.

    • Best answer right here. It doesn't even matter that this guy isn't very good with words, he's right about every single thing. This is what you should do and there's no doubt in my mind about that.

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  • if I was seeing someone and they asked me if id be bothered, I take it at face value and have the impression they may or may not want to date other people especially if its only been two dates. why else would they as me if id be bothered. unless they are playing a game which I don't want to encourage I won't cater to. they ask a question, I'm going to answer it honestly.

    if they are casual enough about me to want to see other people, then no I don't have a problem with it. someone is not going to have stronger feelings just because you want things to be that way.

    if they only wanted to date me then that's what they want. and if I liked them in that way id be happy about it. but if they are interested in other people then it wouldn't bother me because that's how not serious they feel. I don't want to be exclusive with someone who is interested in other people.

    and this is true for me regardless of why I thin he asked. doesn't matter if I think he's asking because he likes me or not. it is eternally true that if someone doesn't want to be serious then I'm not interested in the pretense if dating other people is where he's at, then that's where he's at.

    if you don't want answers to questions you ask. don't ask them. you ask questions because you have an expectation of a certain answer, then just start with your assumption, instead of going through the foreplay.

    if you think he only wants to date you ad you need to know, then ask. if you want to know why he asked if it was a guy. then ask. but don't bring in bs questions that hell either lie about or you won't like the truth of. yure playing games already and you just started out.

    try being genuine, before worrying about where you guys stand.

    so he's either being honest-which you don't like. or lynig - which you should not like. next time just be direct or don't say anything.

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