Sould I Just Leave Him Alone Or Try To Work Things Out?

So about a month ago. I meet this guy online, at first he had a good game and is a very fast talker, but I'm the dumb one to fall for it. I mean No he's not a bad person, But there are things he do and how he do makes me wonder. But point is what I'm making is he says that he likes me as well, but sometimes I don't see where that comes into show sometimes I feel like he is playing mind games. I mean there has been things he said out of the way that didn't sound, right and had piss me off in ways. But I would like to know how not to chase after him, because he don't chase after me. We can be texting then after a while he just disappear, he says I send 5 or more text messages to his phone. But damn! that because I'm looking and waiting for you to reply back duh lol. And another thing is, any time I want him to call me he always says he busy or just don't want to talk. :( I mean I'm not with him but do anyone know if he is into another girl or times I don't hear from him he's talking to another girl and doing things with them. Why I say that because he has been acting strong and not talking to me as much as I would like I mean he could really be busy or may not want to talk I really like him a lot but in the long run I shouldn't allow myself fall for some-one so hard I barely even know . And plus how can I back off to let him know that I'm not always open for his time.

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  • If he is saying he is too busy and he doesn't want to talk then he is not interested. He's taking a step back. If he is really interested and likes you he would be texting and calling and wanting to talk to you. Its really easy to fall for someone if they are giving you attention and then when they stop or it slows down it really hurts. My advice is don't jump to contact him if he likes you he will contact you. If he doesn't I would move on to someone who really values your time and genuinely wants to talk and get to know you.

    • Aww thanks. And yeah there has been times when I acted like my friend and to see what he would say. He texted just yesterday saying Heyy, so I ask him who was this. And he ask who was this so I told him I was the person your looking for friend, who are you. Then he says Oh her friend, so I text him back and said would you like me to get her for you. Then he text back and said Nahh you good. That kinda made me upset and made me feel like he don't want to talk to me.

    • And I agree with you. IF he really likes me then he should be the one talking to me 1st. But ima just step off, and let him text me 1st. And if not leave him be, and move on with life like I was before or find some one else.. that will take the time for me. :)-

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  • He sounds like he is iffy or doesn't know what 2 think of you he might be catching feelings guys tend to do that when they catch feelings they pull back but better yet do you regardless! Ignore him take pics of Facebook of you having fun post happy statuses he will 90% come around b.c he see's that you could care less and people in general hate that I hate that but I know how that works so I don't text but anyways do what I said if he doesn't come around after he is a major douche.

  • Leave him alone.

    • So you think I should just leave him alone?

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    • If he likes you, he would show it through his actions and make time for you.

    • Yes I agree, Yes ma. Then that what I need to do, my heart means more then running after him.

  • He's likely not interested, or even if he is all the texting and chasing is probably chasing him off in return. If he drops out of a conversation, don't keep texting him. He pointed out that you send five or more messages - you may think of it as just trying to get him to respond. He probably looks at it as either clingy or an indication of "oh maybe she's a bit crazy..."

    If you push too much, too early, people tend to back off a lot. You want to know how to back off and indicate you're not always open for his time? Then stop always being open for his time. If he drops out of a conversation don't text a bunch to get him to talk again. Don't ask him to call you frequently. Stop obsessing over whether or not he's with another girl. Just leave him alone. If he likes you, he'll come to you.

    • So just relax and let him be is that what your saying? And thanks :)

    • Yes. Like you, I tend to chase if I want something. But at some point you need to realize that mostly you're causing stress for yourself by fighting for someone who's not fighting back for you. Give him the chance to come to you. If he doesn't, then you've saved yourself a lot of heartbreak because you'll know he's not going to bother.

    • So if he doesn't like me like that, then why would he agree to meet me in person. And do you think that he really was going to drive two hours away to drive her, or is that a no?

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