Would you date someone 3 years younger?

My ex broke up with me a few months ago because he felt way too young to commit and be too serious at this stage in his life. He's 24, and I was his first real relationship. I just turned 27. Since we broke up, he's been trying very hard to stay friends, but I'm not sure why anyone would care this much to stay friends with an ex they chose to broke up with?

Anyway, we had no real issues in the relationship, but I just feel like the timing was off. I always feel like if he was 3 years older, or I was 3 years younger, we could've lasted. He doesn't believe that's true. He thinks its not about age, but where he is in life. Even if he was 3 years older, he says, he would still be in school, and therefore not ready. And I keep thinking I'll never meet anyone I have this much fun with ever again.

Have you people, especially girls, dated someone younger and have it work out? Do we have a chance? Should I stay his friend, or just maintain no contact?


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  • I can only say based on my experience. My recent ex was 8 years older than me and he told me everything under the kitchen sink and then one day he also broke up with me because of his life and situations going on in his life right now. It depends on a persons maturity level a man could be 27 and act like he's 21. It depends on how hurt you are from the break up to maintain contact with him. My ex said the same thing that he wanted to stay friends and be involved in my life but its been a month since the break up I haven't heard from him at all. In a way I am kind of glad because I cried daily it hurt too much. If you are OK with maintaining contact who knows maybe one day you will be back together. take it day by day but definitely don't put your life on hold.

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