Men how do I get back at him ( positive not negative)

I don't mean get him jealous I just want to get his attention back. This guy I think is just a flirt but I'm not sure. He wanted to get to know me more he said and hangout.. we are supposed to hangout when he get home in a few weeks we got to different schools. But He texted me to say he was sad about school. So I made him feel better I guess. text ended on a happy note. Then two days later I texted just to say hope you're feeling better about school. but he never answered.. and it has been a week. He likes other girls pics on fb. And he hasn;t communicated with me. So I have stopped texting ( that was the first text I sent to him) and stopping liking his stuff. I don't do it a lot. but this is the first week we Haven't spoken,

Im just wondering how to get back at him not like negative just like get his attention again. Should I remove him from my phone and fb or keep him on like I don't care. Do you think leaving him alone and acting like I don't care will get his attention. I like this guy, and now I wish I didn't.. any advice?


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  • To be honest I don't think there's anything else you could do. You already sent him a text and it's been a week. The ball is in his court.

    There could be a number of reasons why he hasn't said anything. Could have lost interest, busy with school work since its close to the end of the semester, or just doesn't want to start something that he can't fully commit to.

    I would just focus on other priorities and try not to think about him too much. Stay busy

    • Is there anything I did to make him lose interest though.? Like so this doesn't happen again. I feel really bad.

    • It could be anything like him meeting other people at school or w.e. Doesn't have to be something that you did. Shit happens life goes on. If you're still on his mind, then you would hear from him. In the meantime move on and focus on other things.

    • That I will do. I just tried to me nice guess it didn't work lol.

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  • Act as if you don't care, you are not affected at all. If he has feelings or cares, he'll eventually get back to you, if not, then you'll need to accept and move on.

    • I'm going to move on I guess. It just really sucks. I don't know what I did wrong. I'm not planning on texting him ever.

    • awww. yeah, there's still women I'm trying to figure out what the hell I did wrong that they've decided to ignore me lol.

  • Well he won't notice if you removed him from your phone. Lol

    But I say give it the ole college try and text him one more time. If his reply is short and univiting to a conversation let it go. He may have lost interest already.

    Good luck

    • Was there something I did to make him lose interest?

    • I couldn't say being I am unaware of the conversations you had in the past. However, if they were not upbeat or interesting then that could have lead to it. The last message you convey, keep it positive and happy and talk what you did for fun recently. If the reply is just like good or happy for you, then let it go and move on

    • well the last text I did send him was a happy one. and they were upbeat. The only thing I guess I did wrong was text him first.

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