I'm worried... should I intervene in my best friend's relationship?

My best friend just got a boyfriend about a month ago. And the thing with her is, she is usually very uncomfortable with people touching her. She's just not a touchy person. So, when she got a boyfriend, I was curious to see how this would progress.

I finally got to see them together last night, and I don't like it. He's a nice guy, but he's going way too fast for her. He cuddled her nonstop and practically latched onto her every chance he got. And she looked SO uncomfortable. She was just cowering away from him almost the whole time. She would make up excuses to get away from him, like she would come cuddle me instead or lean away from him while sitting at the table.

Now she's okay with me cuddling and touching her because we've been best friends for 3 years. I'm a VERY cuddly person, but when I first met her, I gave her space and waited for her to be comfortable. She's told me before that I'm pretty much the only person she's okay with hugging/cuddling. And now that she has a boyfriend, I can feel his jealousy towards our relationship. Especially since she hides behind me to get away from him, lol.

Gah, what should I do? She does like him, but she needs time to get used to the cuddling. And now that he's started trying to kiss her, she's starting to feel panicky about the whole relationship thing (this is basically her first one). She said she's gonna talk to him about it, but she's really timid and I know she'll sugar coat it to death. But I'm not sure I want to get involved in her relationship, either. I just hate seeing her so uncomfortable. :(
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Update! She did talk to him and he's getting better. He's getting used to her boundaries and, while he slips up occasionally, he's improving. I still got my eye on him, hahaha. Yes I'm protective of her. :)
I'm worried... should I intervene in my best friend's relationship?
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