Dating fatigue. Has anybody felt like this before?

Hello people,

I'm not too sure if it's me or if anyone else has felt like this before. I've just recently turned 26 and currently feeling like this dating fatigue attitude.

I went on a date with this girl not too long ago which ended up me just walking out as I couldn't stand her "me, me, me" attitude and how self centered she was. I have had the courage in the past to talk to women and even going on dates with them and previously been in few relationships which hasn't lasted longer than 6 months. Which have all ended horribly wrong in one way or another.

I now have this feeling inside whereby I don't have any motivation to go and talk to women, flirt with them if they try to flirt with me or even try to bother to pursue the chase. An example was when I went to a bar with a friend. He tried to get me talking to a girl who showed interested in me when she tried to flirt with me. A few years ago, I never felt like this before.

Has anybody experienced this sort of mentality? What should I do to deal with this?


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  • totally, I pretty much am not impressed by anyone anymore, I'm looking for something real... I see past fakeness really fast, and there's a lot of fakeness. I just want somebody normal..


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  • I know what you mean. I was chasing a friend that I was crazy for for 2 years and I finally decided enough was enough. I know I didn't get to the same point in the same manner as you did, but nevertheless I still got there. I think the best thing to do is just completely embrace the fact you're not interested in anything right now. Just do your own thing and concentrate on you, heck even grow an unkept beard to keep girls away haha. Once your brain is given time to reset you'll be back better than ever.

    • That sounds like a plan. I might just take a few months out and pursue my hobbies. I currently feel like I have just had enough dating and no interest. I thought their was something wrong with me.

    • No nothing wrong with you, you just need a "vacation".

    • Theres nothing wrong with you...have you seen todays girls geesh, its almost as if its better to be alone and do your own thing. Your problem is not really a just have to find yourself and be yourself...girls, those are you just extra credit you'll live with them or without them, take care man.