Should I text him even tho I always do first?

I didn't text this guy I like all weekend to see him he would text me but he didn't so what should o do forget about him or just text him...idk what o should do help me!


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  • well, guys have lives out side of their phones too! Its your job to text him once in a while too. What if he was just about to text you? it shows him that your thinking about him. BUT that doesn't mean you can be annoying and text him everyday... give him some space!

    Text him: Heyy, I've been thinking about u. (dont bring up/get mad that he hasn't texted u)

    Text him after school or work and say: How was your day?

    If you are ready to take things to the next level, this always works for me:

    Text him late one night when you haven't talked to him all day and say: I want you so bad right now.

    It makes him feel wanted, yet sexy

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