Fooled around with a coworker.. now I have no idea what to do?

My coworker is like my little booboo stank stank of the store. When I bring lunch for myself, he knows I always got something for him too. Whenever I need help with something he's there. We also have mutual "acquaintances" that kind of makes us a little cooler lol. I guess.we've also hung out outside the workplace. There are always flirtatious comments back and forth as well. Started by him.

Well.. on Thanksgiving night I did a lot of dinner hoping and so did my coworker. I was suppose to hang out with him chill drink and smoke a bit and be about my ways to my actual "boo 's" house. I get there I have a drink and we smoke. We get to talking go back in and start watching a movie still talking. I get more comfortable and lay on my stomachs on his bed while he is sitting in the chair.

he Comes over and kinda starts playing around with me but then starts being touchy really. He basically asks if its okay, and I say yes, YES because I ACTUALLY DO LIKE HIM AND WOULD LOVE TO BE MORE THAN COWORKERS.

he starts the touchiness, the feet rubbing with his. And when I stop he kinda gets my attention again so continue. We basically fool around. But didn't f*** at all. When its time for ME to go to sleep because of work in the am he reminds me. And while I'm sleeping he is cuddling kissing and holding me. Kissing my forehead my cheeks my neck collar bone.. ever so gently, if anything way to intimate if you ask me. Those are more for females you've been dating at least I think so.

A few days after I bring it up because I'm like.. so confused on what happened. He says to let loose or something around those terms. But ...

#1- why would he have acted like that? As intimate as he did?

#2- since I do want more.. how should I approach this? Or should I even?

#3- do you think it was just him being lonely at the moment? Or if it really was just to let loose as he said.

Don't know where to go from here. Help pleasee loves. :((


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  • Did he not even touch you in any of your erogenous spots? Like you boobs, nipples, vagina, butt? Because if a woman lets me get touchy feely with her then I escalate it. It sounds like he didn't have the guts to go through all the way.

    He probably likes you, but just not ready to take the steps. Thus the gentlemanly touching in the bed.

    Yeah talk to him, and if you are this intimate with him again, guide him so he can take it further.

  • If I were you I would just ask him on a date. Letting loose is more like a on night stand kind of thing, intimacy isn't usually on the agenda. I obviously can't speak for him, but I doubt he wouldn't want to do it again. You definitely need to approach him. The longer you wait, the more the whole thing will wear off and he may forget.


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