This is messed up. How would I figure out how to have my first date?

I'm almost 30 with kids so its like the most messed up thing. I never had my first date. Obviously I've had sex I get that part but um how do you get coffee or you know baby girls first date. My friends think its a joke and give me some stupid simple answers and I am puzzled by this whole thing. Not marriage not love and I can get sex any day how do you find a simple date? Your gonna think I'm kidding but theirs something simple I'm missing? I've been on a pity date, I've had friend dates but how do you find the real thing? and please don't point and laugh. I'm chubby and have kids and well I'm me but I'm still dumbfounded by this simple aspect of life. And no I don't want to know how to get laid I got that one figured out.


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  • LOL it is simple, even I've gone out on - many - dates. First a guy asks you out, or today it's okay for a woman to ask. Thus if you see a guy looking at you like he's interested and you think's he's attractive, make sure you look back at him in the same way, even go up and say hi. Chat, if he likes you and is bold, he'll make a date offer on the spot, or just ask for your or give you his number. Once the date is made, you both go out, enjoy (hopefully) each others' company for the duration, and that's it. That's all there is too it.

    • thats what I'm told but it never goes like that. I ask they run. I had one publicly announce he smiled at me out of pity then sent in a friend to pity me. I smile a lot to hide how wiered out I am at this point its been a year and still looking. Like my baby dady I knew when we were kids so stuff just happened. And now I just wonder about it. They will bring me to bed but never on their arm. The look and grin but never give the number or ask me out. If they do its headed towards a bed.

    • Sorry you keep getting used like that. Just have to keep putting yourself out there, not all men just use women for sex. We all like sex, but some do like the company of a woman too - in a non sexual way.

  • If you want to find a guy who is willing to date you, you should focus on loosing the weight. Once again, that's just good health advice in general, but it really applies to dating. A lot of guys don't want to date single moms, but there are some who will. Being overweight is more the deal breaker for most guys. If you go online and list that you have kids and are overweight, most guys won't want to date you. You're not going to get rid of your children, so you should put in your effort to lose the weight and then try your hand at getting online and dating that way.


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