Online dating - Distance concerns?

I'm mostly directing this at women, but men can answer this, too. I live about 80 miles away from a large city. Since I'm not having much luck in my podunk little town, I've decided to message some people from this general region, but I have not received many replies. So ladies, what would your maximum distance be to date someone? Assume that said guy would be willing to drive out to see you at least once a week.


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  • I never condone online dating... always ends in heart break


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  • I used to have a max distance standard. But I meet my true love through a friend on Facebook. We have everything in common. Same outlooks on society, same music taste, Same morals, and principles. Went through the same type of stuff in the past. She is in California, and I am in West Virginia. I flew out there to see her. and we are planning on being together soon, so as far as your question goes. The stronger the bond and in lovement you feel for one another should be the deciding of distance you are willing to travel.

    Now just flirting and meeting up, considering fuel prices. 60 miles is the best I can do.

    Booking early in advance on Orbitz for a round trip flight is less than $600

    Delta planes just take 4 hours to get from Atlanta Georgia to L.A.