How to tell this girl I'm dating that I'm not interested in her anymore?

Or that I don't want to date her anymore? Perhaps from a woman's perspective - should I just tell her directly or just lose contact without informing her?

Well, reason is that she's a master drama queen (And I think she deserves Oscar awards lol) and a master of playing mind games. Anyway, it's turning me off that I'm not interested in her anymore. But problem is, she has low self esteem and depression (this is what's holding me back - I don't want to worsen them).

So, I need a woman's view for this - what's the best approach to let her know that I'm not interested in her anymore.


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  • Just be like,I like you, you're a great girl but I think we're better off as friends.

    If she asks why then tell her your personality conflicts.tell the truth gently. Say you're kinda low key and dull and you can't handle how high energy and exciting she is. Mix the truth with a little white lie to spare her feelings and move on.

    Remain on good terms if you can, and move her in the friend zone


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  • dont lead her on anymore . no more dates, flirting, nothing . let her off really slowly . since she's sensitive , try turning her off . make her stop liking you . that way she doesn't feel totally dumped . don't be a total ass and lower her selfesteem , try to just slowly become distant . but ALWAYS BE NICE (: [not to nice (; ]

    • yeah, that's the point. I don't want to lower her esteem some more. I'll try your advice. Thanks

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    • Lol. Very optimistic of you lady. I'll try this. : ))

    • okiiedoke :D

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  • Just slowly take longer to reply to her messages and don't hang out with her as much. Do the slow fade away and she'll be gone with out a big fight.

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