Is there something to it? Or is it my wishful thinking?

So I ran into this friend that I haven't spoken to in almost two years. We used to be fairly close, and I definitely had the hots for him (and still do). Nothing ever happened though because I was to shy to do anything about it back then.

He came into my work the other day and I didn't even notice him until he pretended to be offended that I didn't say Hi. We still had each others numbers so he told me to text him sometime. I agreed not thinking that he meant that day. He texted me a couple hours later jokingly asking if I didn't recognize him because he had gotten cuter or uglier. And he's been persistent the past couple days about wanting to hang out.

I might be over-complicating it, I tend to do that. I'm just a little thrown off by the sudden interest. Maybe its just too early to tell...


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  • Why not just call him up and ask him to hang out sometime? Instead of thinking, take action. If the sparks are still there, they will be there. Trying to read through the signs of a short interaction isn't helpful. Best to give it a proper chance and spend time with your old flame. If you can make it work, it will happen. Call him up and set up a meet.


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  • probably wishful thinking.