Outgoing, popular sporty guys, would you date a tomboy?

Like I'm not a total tomboy with short hair and act like a gangster. It's just I don;t like shopping and don't wear skirts except for my uniform. I don;t play instruments or love animals, yet I don't abuse them ofc. people say I sorta talk like a guy, like always asking why for everything or what...ha

I play sports too, basketball, badminton and squash are ma fav. My studies aren't good but I don't care dude, I mean I could still put on a big smile on my face after failing whatever test, as long as I got promoted I'm fine. But I've got a crush who's sporty, outgoing ,yeah kinda like me but a lot more outgoing and stuff, I'm afraid he won't like me being so boyish Because every girl close to him is girlie girl and I don't wanna be like them to be his gf! I'm called cute at least


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  • Not a fan of not caring about failing. You should care a lot. Also not a fan of the short hair at all. Everything else I'd be fine with.

    • I'm not short hair;P

    • Sorry, mis-read that part. Keep your hair long, it looks sexy and beautiful that way. The rest of you is good, just pay attention to your studies. I'm a smart boy and I like a girl who cares about her classwork. :)

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  • if I take you out somewhere nice, I would expect you to dress up nicer than just jeans etc..


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  • Swaag girl ;)

    That`s cool, but don't forgot about your female nature. I have a friend, she early be a normal girl, now she told about self like a guy, hah...that is not cool( That is not attractive, asexual.

    Be yourself and a bit feminine...maybe think about your style of course in this way, your move ;) Sporty guys love sporty girls, but GIRL) Be girl and do what you really like ;)

    • Yeah! People tell me I'm the coolest and most laid back person they ever knowXD idk, there's still a part of me yet to be discovered, like when I get tried of ppl, especially bitches, I like to sit alone and write non stop, a part of me tells me to become a writer/screenwriter, but it's just a dream. Is that Girly enough?

      But I'm a bit afraid because I was a bit unfriendly to my crush frd when we were playing basketball. Idk, hope that wouldn't get to him;P

    • If you unfriend, just smile ;)) That help ;)) You art person, great ;)

      real good guy try see in girls more deep than your

      appearance. But you must to try talk with him better, maybe stand good friens?) Or must to impress him, look more sexy. How said this ^Never judge a book by its cover^ Good clothes open all doors...

  • I bet they would