Girls: Who should text first?

Do you ever initiate?

Would you go as far as to not text him at all until he goes first?

Does it depend on the relationship? (friends, flirting/beginning, bf/gf)

  • Guy should always text first
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  • Girl should ocassionally text first but mostly guy should initiate.
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  • Girl and Guy initation should be mixed 50/50
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  • Depends on relationship
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And I don't mean the first text ever I mean as in just having a conversation.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends. I mean, when I met my now boyfriend, we were phoneless on vacation in another country. He returned to the States first, so I had a text from him when I returned. So in my situation, he texted first. I called first though, if that accounts for anything :p

    Had I been the one to return home first, I probably would have been the one to text first.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I think the first few conversations the guy should text first, after that the girl should try to text him first too if she's interested because if the guy has texted her first a few times then it's obvious that he likes talking to her or she doesn't annoy her.

  • Why don't people just talk to each other when they want to and not freak out about who should initiate the conversations? I think talking when you want is the most natural and fair way to do it. It would be nice if it were 50/50 but I don't think it should be forced or orchestrated in any way.

  • Before first date he should


What Guys Said 2

  • It should really be without any rule. If there's something I got to tell her, I'll text her first. If she's got something to tell me, she can text first. I'm not psychic.

    It mostly depends on the situation: who has something to say or talk about. I'm not going to keep tally and stick to a certain percentage, that's ridiculous.

  • Wait to text the chick after she's your girlfriend. Dating was so much easier before the text message came a long.

    • @ update. Convos are meant to be done on the phone or in person. Facial expressions,tone of voice, and body language give so much more info than words ever could.