Am I being too paranoid, or is he really just not into me anymore?

Ok so I will make the background as quick and painless as possible lol. Met a guy online and talked to him through e-mails and texts for almost 2 weeks, and then we went out on the first date. Prior to first date we talked every day, texted all the time, the things we put in our profiles and that we talked about made us seem like a perfect match (and I still think we are). We went out on the first date Saturday, he came to my area to meet me (he insisted), even though he lives almost 2 hours away. We ate, walked around, it was very nice and romantic. At the end of the date we did make out for a while (he initiated kissing my face, but I went in first for the lips), then he left and just texted me when he got home to say he got back OK. Yesterday, I proposed an idea for a second date this coming Saturday (we both agreed on meeting this Saturday during our first date). He said he would love to, but he unfortunately has bad news that he can’t see me this coming weekend because he has to go over his grandma’s house. I was like OK, I understand, and proposed meeting on a weeknight somewhere in the middle, so we each only have to drive one hour, but he said that because he works in the opposite direction to his house, there will be traffic, and he wakes up very early in the mornings, so weeknights are no good for him. So then I just kind of gave up and texted “ok I guess I will have to wait to see you then :)”. That was yesterday at 3pm, and I still haven’t heard back from him since. No text, no e-mail, no nothing. Do you think he is blowing me off? Does it sound like he is trying to avoid seeing me? Am I being wayyy too paranoid about this? I just really like him and hope I did not mess it up on the first date :( Please, please help!


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  • Look - one day of not hearing from someone is normal.. People are busy. wait 2 days if you don't hear back, with a simple hi how is grandma.

    Then just don't think about it. If you hear back and he avoids making plans let it go.

    Nothing you did wrong, it just happens. perhaps it did'nt click for him.

    I tell you this as I have had some experience. You take someone on a date after a few weeks of talking everyday. Expectations run so high, date goes well in your eyes, but then never hear back. That's life. Don't keeping thing of the date over and over to see what went wrong. Bad timing could just be the answer.

    Good luck..

    • Hi, thank you for the answer. I agree, I have had a 1st date before where I thought it went well, but then never heard from the guy again. BUT, this time it felt different. I feel like you don't kiss someone at the end if you are not planning to ever see them again. I feel like he would also not text me and explain why he can't see me, he would just ignore me. Why would he act like we are a perfect match and say how much he wants to see me again during the date, then nothing after? :/

    • People just are strange. And I just don't deal with that. They need to see a dr that

      Tells them their problem stems from mommy.

      Their are better options and more people that know what they want.

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