Did I scare him away?

this guy wanted to get to know me more. we talked once two time a week. He texted me to say he was sad about work. we ended on a good note, but I texted him two days later to say I hope your feeling better. and he never answered and its been a week and a bit.

we planned to hangout when were both in town, but now I'm not sure its going to happen

did I scare him off

should I not text him and wait for him to contact me first

what should I do


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  • How long were you texting for? Perhaps too much time elapsed and he moved on. Not returning a call or a message leads to what I think - no contact=lost of interest.

    Give it a few more days and let it go. I do not think you scared him off by having a conversation, or perhaps there is more to the story.

    • no there really isn't that the story. well we texted once or twice a week. And the last thing I texted to him was saying I hope you feel better about work. But he never answered. So I left it alone. Cause I don't want to be needy. Is there something I did to make him lose interest though? Or should I not text him again?

    • You did the right thing. Ball is in his court. Do nothing but live And have fun.

What Girls Said 1

  • Wait a few days and text him something like, "hey, did you get my last message?" If he doesn't answer you after that, you should forget about it.