Guys, how would you understand this text? am I being pushy? or taking control?

this question is coming from a woman you had a friendship with, then slept with to having to give her up due to circumstances. Keep in mind it been months since you heard from her and out of the blue she texts you, tell you she is having trouble moving on, texting back and forth kinda flirting. She tells you, that she has things she wants to say to you but is scared, so she tells you it might take awhile and you respond by saying "take your time" then time goes by and she doesn't text you until a week later and she says" do you want me to be texting you or should I leave you alone" my question is to you guys: how would you understand this text? am I being pushy? or taking control? would you feel like your on the spot? or would you be relieved that she has went straight to being honest?


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  • Honesty is good, however, I do not understand exactly.

    It sounds like she is interested and wants to know where you stand. The other person understands this and still has feelings but allows the other space.

    Are you this woman in this situation that is texting?

    I don't believe it is pushy to ask the question this woman did, she just wants to know if there is anything.

    • yes I am the woman who is texting... we landed up texting each other all day after that. He told me he has had a crush on me, but not love feelings but he agrees that we have something that needs to be explored. what is the difference? any thoughts?

    • It looks like he wants to take it slow and see what develops. No rushing into anything deeper at the moment. Stay away from pouring your heart out. Just say you missed his company. Don't sound too needy as this may scare him. Let him take the lead..

    • OMG no I don't want to sound needy, I already scared him away once a few months back and don't want to mess this up. We kept the convo going by flirting alot, almost felt like I was in control of the conversation in a good flirting fun way. we are thinking of meeting up to see if its more than just a crush. something we must do.

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