How would you respond to pictures on FB of everyone but you?

He has pictures of every female he's dated or wanted to date and in a year and a half he hasn't bothered to post anything of me except 2 when I bitched at him about it.

Is it wrong that I should be upset seeing pictures of him smiling cheek to cheek with every female he's ever dated or wanted to date plus several more of all of them and he hasn't bothered to post but 2 pics of me just me, not him and I and that was because I bitched about it.

How would you feel about that?

I am the longest lasting of all these women too. A year and a half


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  • Having the same problem and am really wondering wy he has those pics and refuses to take them down.Am breaking up over that.

  • Maybe he's just not as into putting his life on Facebook as he used to be.