To trust his ex or to not trust her?

So I'm talking to this guy online and after googling his screen name, I came across a post by his most recent ex on one of those "don't date him" sites. Here's what I know from the post:

- They dated for 3 months

- She was supposed to be his date to his best friend's wedding. He even bought her dress for her, but dumped her the day before the wedding.

- She was dumped "for no reason"

- She said he told her he "never said he was a good guy"

- She called him an egotistical b*stard

Obviously, an ex is bound to have bad things to say about the other. How much of this should I take into consideration? How much of that is representative of him as a person? It doesn't seem like he did anything specific that made him a bad person overall, but I can't help but think of the negative "review".


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  • You know only one side of the story. For me, period of 3 months is short for someone to invite his girlfriend (if they were an official couple) to friends wedding. I doubt that there was no reason. If there wasn't one-why would he buy her a dress for the wedding? There are 2 solutions:

    a) he's an a** for dumping her a day before the wedding for no reason

    b) she did smtg huge so he did what he did

    So basically-he's a player or a nice guy who got really hurt.

    On the other side, you can't ask him directly what happened (I doubt you know each other that long so you could discuss that), but you can indirectly ask him about previous relationships (you know "I tell you a secret, you tell me a secret" = I've been hurt before, have you?).

    And those "don't date him sites" are compromised, because on one side you have really hurt people ho want to tell how bad they were treated by their ex partners. On the other, there are also people who have the policy - "(s)he's not mine, so I'll make his/her life a hell.

    I suggest you ask him indirectly or ask anonymously on that site his ex more about the details (like you feel her, you've been trough the same and try to get out as much as you can). Good luck!

    • Yeah, I'm sure there was a reason. Or maybe it could've been that he didn't feel "it" for her. I could ask him about his past relationships if and when I meet him. You're absolutely right that those sites are for people who mostly want to vent. I won't let what I found dictate my decisions about him, but it's certainly on my mind, you know?

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