How can I overcome my anxiety issues?

So I really like this guy, but since because of my past I have serious anxiety issues. When he doesn't respond a text right away or don't text me for a couple days..I FREAK out (to myself) I immediately think he is seeing someone else, he doesn't ike me. This all stems from someone I loved did this to me, so when he didn't respond, he was seeing someone else and he wasn't interested. How can I overcome this? It makes me feel sick when he doesn't text me and it is so unhealthy :(


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  • Yes you can. Practice healthy habits. Do not waste your time with people that do not care about you. Good luck

    • But he is a good guy, I am just scared that because I wasted time on a guy who didn't care about me that I might ruin something with someone who does.

    • Be confident and improve yourself. If you are a great girl than who cares if someone does not want to be with you.

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