Do dating sites ever work for men?

I've heard from women that have dating sites that they get get so many messages just in one day, and I'll send a few to girls that I'm interested, but none of them ever reply back. I've gotten rejected too many times in person, I'm just trying the best route that won't hurt as much!

I'm not the extremely good looking kind, so you guys are saying don't bother and take down the profile?


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  • In person still has much better chances of success. I've tried online and in person. I do much better in person. Unless you are well above average in terms of looks and income, you won't stand a chance online. There are about 4 to one as many guys as girls online. It is a total sausage fest. Work on improving your real-world game, because even if you had the off chance of hitting it off with someone online, you still have to be able to flirt once you get her in person. Work on your flirting game and find a male friend who is good at picking up on girls and learn from him.


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  • Clearly if women are dating guys off of dating sites, they are dating men ... unless they are lesbians.

    I met my boyfriend on About five other girls I know also did...some using eharmony, some using Match. I have a friend using Chemistry who isn't having as good of results. I'm not sure Match is a good place for people who aren't college educated, though. I'd say that the majority people (male and female) were young professionals with dating experience who got too busy to date in the real world they way they did when they were 21-22.

    Also, I'm a decent looking female and I didn't get hundreds of messages a day. I messaged some guys who didn't message me back and the world didn't end. I went on dates with some people that ended up being crazy and it was OK.

    I have heard the quality goes down when you use the free stuff like Yahoo Singles & POF, though. Also, from what it sounds like on here ... tons of guys make fake female profiles on these free sites.

    • I've used several sites, and none of them worked in my favor. The only rime I got a reply was from a women that had to waist energy to tell me that I was ugly! and I didn't say anything to upset her!

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    • Ya, good riddance. It's not for everyone. I'm just saying that the "women have it 1000 times easier on dating sites" thing hasn't been true for the people that I personally know.

    • Well I messaged a lot of women, and even though they looked at my profile, none of them replied back. So I deleted the profile so I don't waist my time on these little girls!

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  • I signed up for adult friend finder once and got messages...from dudes. :-( That was even with it set for seeking women, lol! There are a lot of dudes on the net looking to hook up and apparently they ain't too particular about who or what they bang.

    I've met women on line though, mostly through sites about things I'm interested in. Sailing, fishing, shooting, politics, etc.

    I know a couple of dudes who literally took up knitting to have a common interest with the knitting crowd which is almost exclusively female. It was an unorthodox strategy, but they not only got laid. They also got new skills and hand knitted stuff from their new friends. Gotta chalk it up as a win for em.

  • The short answer is unless you're really tall, really hot and really loaded with money and funny, no. You'll see some of the same girls on there year after year, getting tons of free dinners and drinks out of guys, but never committing. Online dating for men is a suckers game unless he's everything I mentioned above and more. You'll have much better luck going to a bar, club, library, social gathering, etc than online.

    • Message 100 girls. Expect about three replies. That is about average. It is totally soul crushing. Stick with real life and improve there.

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    • good article!

    • You're welcome. Go online, delete your profile. You'll never look back. Chat with girls in real life man.