Am I reading too much into getting coffee?

So, the other day I was at a movie night with some friends and I ended sitting on this big loveseat (2 seat couch) with a guy I didn't know before. He was really nice. And I was really cold, he gave me his jacket. And introduced himself. I didn't really warm up and so he told me to come closer-but I was too shy, so I just stayed far away. but we were close enough that our shoulders were 2 inches apartish. He added me on fb that night. Then we traded numbers, texted a little. He seemed pretty flirty. He was going to hang out Friday, but he forgot he had to drive to canada so he couldn't. He said he'd make it up to me. So I suggested coffee sometime? And he said he doesn't like coffee..but he'd try some tea. Well, yesterday he asked me to go to coffee with him. because he "owed me for skipping out Friday" And he refuses to let me pay (my family is pretty poor). It's this cute little coffee shop. We are gonna walk there.

Am I looking into this as more than it it a date? I'm kinda nervous. I'm gonna try to dress up a little. (a skirt and tights).

What do you think guys? Girls? Date or not?


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  • I'd call it a light date. Nothing too complicated but nice. Sometimes they are the best. Enjoy :)


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  • It's a date.

    Guys don't give their jacket to platonic friends so they can warm them up, nor do they pay for them.

    It doesn't mean you're having sex or getting married next week, or that he's not dating other girls, (though he may not be), but it IS a date.

  • If you are both single it's a date.

    • Its kind of weird when my sister and I go to get coffee and catch up people always assume we are a couple. Just random fact lol.

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  • It's a date. He sounds like he is very comfortable around you though so that is a bonus. Better only one person nervous then two people nervous!

    I think he really likes you, he wouldn't bother to spend time with you if he didn't guys are not like that. HAVE FUN!

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