Does this seem a little odd to anyone else?

The same girl that's been the subject of many, well okay,

Practically every question I'be asked so far.

She called me before she left state to go visit family for Thanksgiving. She said a mutual friend told her I "worry about


Which I later found out was a load of crap, he never said that.

So she leaves state and blows me up ALL DAY Thanksgiving,

So she gets back the next day. . . And I didn't hear from her till

I told her I hoped she was enjoying herself. . . "Oh, I'm back in state


Then, not a pep from her for a week.

I found out through mild prying, she had a boyfriend she'd

Apparently been dating since the twenty fourth.

She knows I'm into her, but apparently my happiness for

her having found someone was "fake" and the fact that I had

Final essays that where due, so I couldn't watch her play at

Open mic night made me a "d***".

So, if we're just friends like she wanted, why'd I have to pry

To find out she was dating someone. And why all the booty-botheredness over my inability to go to her show?

What is her major malfunction!?


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  • Your feelings for her are so high that you care to pry her. She means a lot to your happiness that when you knew that she has a boyfriend , your feelings were torn that you have this "inability" to go to her show. That's a normal thing. She gave you false hopes and that's the most painful thing of all.

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