The meaning of this coffee "date"?

A guy I like very much invited me to have coffee. We've known each other for 5 months and our 'relationship' has been on and off mainly due to there being mixed signals and misconceptions! There was a mutual attraction and he was interested in me. Anyway, we haven't really spoken much or spent time together for the past 2 months, so him inviting me to have coffee was unexpected.

Our time together went well and we chatted a lot even though things have been tense and awkward between us. I'm hesitant to read too much into this so-called "date" and quite honestly I didn't even consider it a date! I've been kinda analyzing our meeting and some things he said made me wonder if he's still interested in me. We got onto the topic of a guy who is interested in me, but who I can't stand! He told me that this guy is always asking about me and remarked at "how hot" he thinks I am. When he told me this, he quickly said that he "doesn't know if I'm hot" and he seemed embarrassed. I know this is random, but why would a guy who was (or is) interested in me, who once told people how attractive he found me, say he doesn't know if I'm "hot"? Please, don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting him to compliment me or stroke my ego, but why would he feel the need to say this? Am I being paranoid and ridiculous? We only spent about an hour together because he had to leave early as he was meeting his buddy for plans they had made. Bad sign?

Then I was told about a month ago that this guy started seeing someone new, who he is apparently crazy about. He's also going as this girl's partner to a wedding. I didn't ask him if he was officially dating or seeing her, but he mentioned absolutely nothing about her. Would a guy ask a girl who he was interested in for 4 months to coffee if he didn't still have feelings for her? Also, if a guy was in a new relationship with a girl he's apparently crazy about, would he even want to meet up with a girl he was into before unless he had unresolved feelings for her?

Please, I'm going crazy! I'm confused! I still have strong feelings for him, but I'm hesitant to make my feelings known especially if he doesn't feel the same and really has moved on.


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  • ask him if he is single. You're over thinking the coffee date.


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