So I got her number.

I was at work (in the mall) this cute girl comes in and says she has recently moved here and works in the mall as well. I find we also go to the same school. I ask for her number and we exchanged numbers. We text about 5 texts overall these last 2 days. She never responded to my text yesterday. Should I text her today? Do nothing? Like I always have problems starting off with people...

Thank you.


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  • Aww that's cute! I think you should wait a little and text her at the evening maybe.

    • I actually did that and she said "sorry" and that she hated texting. I don't know we shall see I suck selling myself on first impressions.

    • Awh, well then don't text her again, but try to see her "accidentally" at school and at the mall, if you know what I mean ;D

    • I just sent her a text to see if she wanted to talk sometime this weekend. Of course no response... And that was like 4 hours ago. If I bump into her at the "mall" wouldn't that seem stalkery?

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  • Well, don't text her again lol that'll ruin things more. How I see it, it's not stalkery, mainly because you're going to live your life normally ya know, but if you see her walk to her and say hi. If you can't wait to see her, just keep yourself updated where she is and be there and act if you hadn't a clue she was there too and say hi. The second option is kinda stalkery, but it's better than having her label you as "the guy who texts me even though I hate texting" !

    • Thanks ya she never responded to my text yesterday :/. I was just going to call her Saturday night and if she doesn't answer, oh well.

    • Awh, well I wish you good luck on that! If she doesn't want anything well then there are many fishes in the sea.

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