Why is he being silent? Am I overreacting here?

I talked to a guy online for 2 weeks, he made it sound like we are a match made in heaven, we went on the first date, it was WONDERFUL and we both seemed to have SO much fun. We kissed at the end of the date for a while and parted ways. We texted the next day, but only so that he could tell me that he won’t be able to see me on weeknights (we live far apart, about 2 hours drive) or next weekend like we planned because of family obligations. I can understand that, but then he has not talked to me now for almost 2 whole days. I texted him last on Sunday afternoon in reply to his text, then again yesterday morning with just a simple “good morning.” Haven’t heard since. I am getting the feeling that he is just blowing me off, but I can’t understand why. And he is the type of guy, from what I know about him and how he behaved on the date, that I feel would tell me what was wrong or at least have the decency to tell me why he thinks it’s not gonna work out. Do you guys think there is still hope? Should I text him again and just ask why he is being too silent? Or is that completely too desperate? I just really think we would be the perfect couple, and I have never met someone before who was exactly like him and had all the things I am looking for in a partner. Why, why do people do that? This is torture! Any advice? And please don't say "oh he just didn't feel a spark," he clearly did the way he was acting on the date, I can't explain it but the date went and ended very well. It almost seems like something AFTER the date happened that made him stop talking to me, and I can't figure it out! Please help... Thanks!


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  • Wow...girl of little patience! Its only been 2 days. You're okay. Be calm. I won't text a chick for many many days after a date. It donesn't mean anything at this point. Do do anything...just wait...you'll be okay.

    • Haha see I wouldn't mind if he just said "I'm busy, will text you in a week," but by just being silent, it just makes me feel like he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. Especially since he went from texting/e-mailing me every day for 2 weeks to complete silence. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me why guys (you) do that? Is it because you don't care about the girl yet? You're busy? You want her to chase you? I wonder if guys know how big of a paranoia they send girls into lol

    • Most of us hate waiting or as you say..being silent. We want to call and text you constantly if you really like you. But, we know its in our best interest to just hang back. There's tons of reasons we do it. If 9 days go by, and still nothing...forget about him..

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