Do I give up and go for someone else?

Well there was this guy that I really really liked and I was pretty sure that he liked me back and we texted each other for like a month every single day. and then all the sudden the texts stopped, and I didn't want to text him and seem annoying. so I went to a surprise party (my best friend/ his little sister) and he was there and he was hanging around with me and teasing me and I was texting another guy at the party and after the party he texted me and said: hey um stop texting boys then a little later he said, ya I guess I can't keep you in the nest your whole life, just most of it :) then later, yeah and you are staying there, with me, no matter the social demands.

Then the next day at school he texted me again and he gave me a ride home from school and called me luna (from harry potter cause he thought I was crazy for not having my license yet) then when I got out of the car he yelled goodbye luna have a good day and drove off laughing so we were texting and he told me not to text anymore boys so I told him he was being hypocritical (cause his little sister said that he had a girlfriend) and he said that he didn't have a girl friend. so our texts slowed down and we stopped. then the next day he didn't talk to me at all and I saw him leave with another girl my age at school... what do I do? advice would be helpful


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  • You have two options.

    1) Do nothing. You can sit on your feelings and hope that they go away while you watch him go off with other girls. Doing this with ensure that you never get in a relationship with him but remain friends.

    2) Make a move and let him know you like him. While this could be a risk, it could bring a high reward. He very well may be interested in you but doesn't want to make things awkward with his sister by asking you out and you declining. If you make a move, he could not be interested, on account of you being his sister's best friend, and things could get awkward between you two.

    Those are always the only options. I myself prefer to take the second option in almost all cases. Doing nothing gets you no where and can just leave you miserable. Do what you will with my advice.

    • well... I made the move but it was kinda lame... because in school theyr doing a send a crush to your crush thing so I did and he guessed it was me right off, then he asked his sister and he squeezed it out of her... but I don't know what he quite thinks.. like I asked my friend what he did when he found out and she said he did a victory strut and I wondered if he thought I was kinda creepy for doing tht and she said, no he doesn't think your creepy but I think he thinks of you as a little sister... ? what now?

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