So after, who should talk to who?

so, me and my boyfriend recently broke up last week.

ireally want to talk to him,

and he hasn't texted me at all so its making me think that he doesn't miss me or care at all. its been about 5 days since the breakup.

im scared to text him though, cause idont want him to think I'm desperate or anything;

so should iwait till he texts me, to see if he misses me at all, or should ijust go ahead and do it?


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  • I don't understand why you want to text him. You broke up which means it's over. Could be one reason why he's not getting ahold of you, & probably won't & you should do the same.

    So to answer your ? on who should contact who after a B/U. No-one should.


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  • well that all depends on how long you two were together and the reason you broke up. if it was a few years, then I'm sure he will contact you at some point. just give him space.

    but again, it depends on how long you dated and what caused the break up!

    • we dated for 4 months, and the reasoning was that he needed to focus on other things in his life than me. but it was completely out of the blue. he was over the night before, and everything was perfectly fine.

      it just doesn't make any sense.

  • Well you never did say who broke up with who & the reason for it. Everybody's relationship is different. Just because he's not communicating with you doesn't mean you can't talk to him. It's normal to want too.

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