My boyfriend cheated on me. I need help!

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now and we have over came so much stuff. But not once has he betrayed my trust. Anyways last week, I ended things over a stupid fight and I shouldn't have. Well the next day I texted him and asked him if we could hang out because I regretted what I said but he said no because he neeed to spend the day alone. Well he decided to ignore me for the rest if the day and night and not talk to me. The next morning I went to his house with out him knowing and we made up. But then later I ended up going through his phone an I found text messages eternal him and another girl from the day before when he told me he needed to be alone. So he lied to me. Then come to find out heroines up with girl behind my back. They did not have sex, but stuff still happened. He tells me now that he regrets everything and he wants to take it back. He said that he thought he lost me so he was confused and did it out of his right mind. He's promising me up an down that this will never happen again. He cried to me for a straight 4 hours begging me to give him a second chance, he has never cried to me before. I love this guy, more then anything. W have talked about getting married. I don't know if I should give him a second chance or if this is too hard to move on from.. Please help! Are cheaters always cheaters? Can someone never do it again aftr doing it once?


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  • "I ended things"

    You seem to be at a disadvantage by doing this. If you're broken up, on a break, whatever...things are a lot different. Whether or not it was "too soon" for him to do something with another girl isn't so much the issue. You can't expect someone to be on standby when you split from them.

    You two need to figure out if you even want each other. If he messes with another girl so soon after, and if you end things so suddenly, it's hard to tell if you're a good pair overall. You need to discuss the fight you had, discuss if he's not interested in you anymore, discuss both of your issues that caused the fight in the first place. If a stupid fight is capable of getting him kicked out, I'd question your intentions just as much as his.

  • Cheaters are pretty much always going to cheat. Especially if you give them a second chance. Take him back, and you're just telling him that he'll be forgiven if he cheats again. So he's going to cheat again. Just dump him and find someone new.


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