Im going on my first date with a stranger?

He messaged me on Facebook and we're meeting for the first time and going to an arcade/lazer tag together.

How can I avoid the awkwardness of when he first comes to pick me up? What can I do to prevent awkwardness, especially when we're driving in his really small car?!

Also, at the end of the night, if he earns it, should I let him kiss me?

Or should I be shy and keep him wondering by just kissing him on the cheek and saying goodnight?


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  • He's most certainly going to try and touch you inappropriately, so at the end of the night you probably just have to settle for puncturing his eardrum. Never trust anyone with a little car.

    • why would he try and touch me inappropriately?

    • I'm assuming he's a male, and he's still drawing breath.

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  • You are SO bad with guys! Hahaha no worries :)

  • Just ask him what he likes. Make small talk. Getting to know each other to prevent awkward silence. As far as him kissing you either one is fine. Since its only a first date.


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