Matt and Tamsen?

When do they decide they're going to answer questions?

How often do they do it?

I asked them a question quite a while ago and haven't received an answer. just curious..


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  • In the beginning I think they were asking on a first come first serve basis. I have noticed recently that if you want them to answer a question you have to cash in 250 xper points. Also make sure a question that is similar to yours has not been answered all ready. I'm sure they are busy and try to answer as many questions as possible. I cashed in points and it probably took 1-2 weeks. I actually forgot I had asked the question.


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  • It apparently took them a month for them to answer mine [one about becoming friends with old flings.]

    I can't quite answer your other questions.


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  • They are overrated anyway. I know they have a book or two, but from what I have seen a lot of their advice is no more expert than a lot of the answers you get from other posters here.