Guys, would you date someone who has never dated before?

I'm 24 years old and come from a unique background. My mother is Christian and father is Muslim. Both by the way are very religious. When it comes to guys I've always been extra shy and after all these years I actually want to start dating. The only problem is I feel like guys usually want Only one thing and if I'm not willing to give that up then they won't stick around. Would any guy be willing to give that type of girl a chance? Would it be hard to find a guy at my age being a beginner at everything in all?


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  • There are pleny of guys that are new to dating even at 24. In fact, your circumstances make you more desirable to most of us. Try not to put too much stock in "that one thing" or we will leave.. but be sure to have your brain on so you don't get played.


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  • Yeah, that's not a big deal. If you come across guys that want that one thing, you just don't let them have it. There are guys that will want a romantic relationship and not just sex.


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