Need help decoding these texts... please help!

Ok so me and this guy met online, talked nonstop for like two weeks, then went on the first date. I thought it went fantastic, and he said so himself that he knew he was going to like me even before we met. He also said a lot of other things outwardly that showed his high interest in me. He even said he wouldn't let me go home (jokingly) until we made plans for next date, and so we agreed to meet on Saturday. On Sunday though he informed me that he can't see me next weekend because he has to go over his grandma's house, and that he can't really see me on weeknights because we live 2 hours apart and he gets up really early for work so he doesn't stay up late. I'm OK with all that, I am pretty busy too. But then he didn't say a word to me for 2 days, so I texted him and here is the exchange:

me: hey you've been pretty quiet, is everything ok?

him: yea I'm alright. just a bit overwhelmed. how are you doing?

me: I'm OK, just busy with stuff. how come your overwhelmed, stuff at work?

him: yes, work too, but its much more than that. I simply cannot talk about it. its upsetting.

me: I'm so sorry to hear that :( hope everything turns out OK, and I'm here for you if you need anything.

and that was it. what do you guys think? do you think he's making stuff up to get rid of me without having to directly tell me? or does it sound like something bad must have happened? some of my friends said not to over think it and that he wouldn't sound so dramatic if he just wanted to blow me off... but idk, I'm just insecure and afraid that maybe he lost interest :( any thoughts? does it sound like he likes me?


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  • He could have issues going on with his grandma or something that he thinks you're too new in his life to be a part of. All you can really do is back off a bit but make sure he knows you're still interested.

    • Yea I thought maybe it's family stuff or something... it's just weird that something happened the day after our date, but I guess coincidences happen. I did tell him I'm here or him, I don't know if I should say anything else or just leave it alone until he contacts me and is ready to talk...

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    • Everything worked out, he finally started talking and apologized for ignoring me. So far so good :) Thanks!

    • Awesome good for you!

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  • You might be over analyzing here. Sounds like he's got a lot on his plate.


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  • It sounds like something happend in his life and that he really IS upset... if he wants to talk about it, he'll come to you and talk. Don't worry.

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