Texting miscommunication?

This guy I like never texts me. I have texted him three times. The first time was for a homework project (that's why we have each others' numbers). The second was just because and he just stopped texting back after like seven messages. The third time I needed the answer to a question about a class we have together. We were talking for like four messages then he just stopped again. The next day he apologized for not texting back and said he got it late and didn't think I would still want to talk. I just said "Oh, it's fine..." because he said it when I came to class late in front of a few people. Is he interested in talking to me or not? Wouldn't he text me first if he was? These texts were about a week apart each, by the way...each time I texted him just because, he replied almost immediately and seemed interested enough.


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  • stop texting him for a while and see if he texts you, if not, then he doesn't like you.