Why girls are so mean with guys nowadays?

I remember back in the day when I was in school they will be so cool, they will give you a hug, they will leave you messages on MySpace, maybe write a comment with a nice decoration. They will say your name when they see you and smile and look at you with their eyes wide open, they will listen to you, if you invite them to something they will let you do that.

Now that I am in my 20s they are so different, they give you off this vibe that if you try to hug them you are creepy, they would never say hi unless you say hi first, if you just got to the place they will actually look in other directions before saying hi to you.

They will talk to themselves but never talk to you, if you manage to try to talk to them they may talk about their nails and cat, but any topic you bring they act as if it is boring and they are not interested, they won't listen to you.

They wll never send you a message or leave you a comment. They won't even hit like on any of your pictures or your messages. Even the girls that were nice back them, they will untag themselves from your pics.

If you leave them with a message they will never reply back, in fact you can leave comments and they will just leave you there talking to yourself. In real life as well.

They will always be busy if you ask them to come to your party, they would never ever hang out with you to go grab something, I can't even send a text 'cause I know they won't reply back.

If you are sick they won't feel compasion for you, they will get happy if they see you having a hard time. You can't give them a complement because they think you are weird, or they won't even say thank you. They act so indifferent to you as if they wish you were not there.

I wonder what happened to them, what changed.


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  • You probably changed. Girls act like that to you because they don't like you. Girls who liked you in school were nice and paid attention to you because they like you. Something may have happened from the time you were in school to now that made you lose your appeal

    • I don't think he changed...it was more likely that the girls changed. Never assume it's you that turned someone off right away. That's a mistake most people make

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    • Thanks for best answer. Honestly a lot of people of both genders are dismissive to fat/unattractive people. If you think about it, most people's motivation to talking to the opposite sex is flirting, sex and attraction. Without that sadly not many people are interested in talking. And to add, even if you are just trying to be nice and friendly, a lot of guys (and girls) who seek out the attention of the opposite sex are not. So they act standoffish so as not to lead the other person on

    • Sucks for me 'cause I'm a guy, at least fat girls get guys to flirt with them, fat guys not so much, LOL, it could be worse, I could be obese, but I'm getting back in shape again, but their behavior have not change yet, maybe when I get more lean.

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  • Not all girls are like this. Some girls just feel more "tough" when they turn down a guy, they don't really grow up and still have the "oh no a guy touches me I'll have cooties" thought or something.

    Some girls just are mean to guys when they feel the guy is interested in them and they're too much of a wuss to tell the guy honestly they don't have feelings for him. I must admit, I did this once, but only after I told him about 5 times I wasn't interested and he still didn't get it.

    My thoughts are: if they don't treat you with respect, just leave them, you don't need those people in your life. There are girls who are mature and honest and sweet out there ;-)

    • Yeah is so stupid, this happens to me all the time, I'm trying to be friendly and for some reason many girls just assume out of nowhere I'm attracted to them, I don't even know them that well yet to be attracted, and they just assume it as if guys are attracted to them automatically just because they are girls, is so retarded.

    • Yeah, just know that not all girls are like that.

  • It's a well known fact that jerks attract the girls especially the nice girls. Nice guys are usually left on the sideline. The trouble is the jerks end up messing around with us and making us so bad that we become defensive and guarded as a result.

    • I think nowadays is hard to be a jerk, I found really hard to make a girl react to you in the first place, not to mention be a jerk to her, I would say most guys are nice. I doubt of the existance of jerks. Usually when a girl gets mad with a guy is because her own made up ideas that she has fabricated herself in her mind. No guy really has bad intentions on a girl unless he is mentally ill.

    • I must have been dating nut cases all along. Makes sense now. I'm sure you'll find some girl who will appreciate you for who you are. It's sometimes just a matter of waiting for the right time and the right place.

    • Nope, doesn't work I tried it.

  • is it not obvious? they don't want to lead you on?

    • It wasn't actually, but maybe that's a good thing. That somehow means that I'm not the type of guy they can friend zone and walk all over, and somehow they know it.

    • lol that's one way to look at it, they still don't want to be with you..

    • Maybe they are just afraid to lead me on because they know if they let themselves go, then they would actually fall for me and want to prevent, at least at a very deep down unconscious level.

  • Because in school, they genuinely thought they could just be friends with a guy the same way they were with their female friends.

    Once you get older, nearly every guy either tries to get in your pants or pouts because he's doing normal friendship things and expects it means that you should fall in love with him or at least give him some sex. Also, guys tend to become angry and vengeful, rather than just sad.

    It becomes difficult to keep having to feel guilty because you don't feel the same way about a guy than he does to you and that guys "keep score" differently where friendly things only count if they're backed up by sexual access. So, girls stop being friendly for the sake of being friends, many times.

    Don't believe that's true? Listen to all of the angry "friend zoned" rants on GAG.

    • They're not arrogant and think that every guy thinks they're amazing creatures, they just get weary of the fake "nice guys" ... Kinda like how the masses of spam e-mail offers from every store makes you start avoiding e-mail altogether.

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    • I think the only solution is that either all girls become sluts or all guys turn gay. I honestly don't understand why girls are not sluts, they all like sex, it would make life so much easier.

      And guys that talk bad about girls are just not grown up. I'm in my late 20s, talking behind a girl's back just sounds completely out of my reality.

      I would never get mad with a girl if she doesn't want to be more than just friends, I just think the rudeness they have is totally unnecesary.

    • I understand what you're saying, I'm just giving you some perspective. If you're in your late 20's and so are the girls, it may just be that they're busy. Also, are you hitting on girls who are much younger? Not all of them are receptive to that. Maybe try straight up dating instead of the "being friends" thing.

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  • Some girls do change how they view you. They are very fickle creatures and especially if they have a boyfriend and realize that they do, they'll start to act cold to you. Better to just not deal with these women and find new ones.

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