Why won't he admit that it's over?

whats wrong with men, or some men really. Been dating this guy and things aren't the same anymore. I feel it and even told him that hey, if you have lost interest we should be open with each other and just leave. I hate the feeling of being taken for a ride cause I believe that people should be mature enough to say "hey, it's not working out, or I don't have feelings for you anymore

when I ask if we are OK, he said we are cool, yet he doesn't text or call often and even say some things he would not have said two or three months ago. (6 months dating)

all we do now is argue because he doesn't see how much he has changed and when I try to talk he automatically puts up a defense

i want to leave but its in the back of my mind "what if I am just over thinking" things and he is just going through a rough patch.

why do men string women along when they know they have lost feelings


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  • Guys often say what they mean. Maybe he thinks things are cool, in which case you may be over thinking the situation as women are often prone to. When yuo say he doesn't call or text often what exactly does that mean? Not 5 times a week? If he's arguing to stay together, than he must still care. In which case perhaps you are asking for too much. If he really didn't care he'd just have let it all go and wouldn't really argue. You're pressing it, which is probably annoying him. If you want to break-up, then just break up.

    • nah its not five times a week or anything. Here is the situation, normally if he is running late he would text and say I am late. He doesn't anymore, if I text him sometimes he doesn't answer. There was a convo between us when I told him I heard that blacks are hardly attracted to Asians and he was like , well more for me then. He never use to say that. Two months or even a month ago I was all he see, how he is talking about his type again.

    • If he did something that hurt my feelings he would apologize now, he doesn't, he will knowingly do things that make me insecure or hurt my feelings and act like it's nothing.

    • It natural to get comfortable after a while and start letting things go a bit. That happens in every relationship. I don't know about the hurt feelings part. But the texting and the comment about the other girls are minor. Sometimes if a guy is annoyed with his girl but doesn't feel like a long argument he might say something passive aggressive to get under her skin a little. I think that it's just a difference phase in a relationship. But if you're over it than you have to do what's best for u.

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  • We all go through a rough patch, and possibly he is really stressed out on other things you may not be aware of.

    Give it another month. Try to do things special together - go to the movies or dinner. Keep it fun and lively.

    Sometimes things just get stale. A relationship is hard work, and it takes 2 to keep it going.

    Good Luck

  • Thats exactly what you should say. Now go do it.

    Good job.

    But. Its not over till he says its over.

    ignore texting too

    Its not that easy to find a new mate. It takes about 150 tries and seeing who's available and people get older and the attitude about starting over and being alone is a nuisance. Its a lot easier to sit in a bad relationship and arguing is predictable.

  • If you think it's over it's over. Tell him and move on. He's in a comfort zone.


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