Do guys test girls to see how much they like them?

I've been seeing this guy for a month. He texts me everyday and we see each other a lot. It's gotten to the point where he wants to see me more than once a week. However, I'm starting to "fall back" a little bit. So I decided not to text him for a while. 2 days go by and when I finally texted him, he would take forever to reply and would give me short answers.

Is he testing me to see how much I like him?


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  • He might be testing you.

    He might be losing interest based on your reactions.

    He might think HE was too available, you lost interest so he's backing off to let you build interest again. Sadly, this is the standard internet advice to men (not sadly because its bad advice, its sad that the reality is the best way to get a better relationship is to ignore the other person whenever you want more from them).

    I'll note that it seems to be working, given that you're on here asking questions about him.


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  • Maybe or maybe not. Sometimes if a couple texts each other a lot (like every day) or want too see each other more, that suggest that they're starting to develop feelings for each other (more than liking). But if you don't text him for 2 days and he replay is late and short, maybe he is a little bit mad why you didn't text him. Or maybe he's just busy with something and gave you late and short replays because he likes you and wants to make time for you. The best way is to ask him directly why were his texts late. And don't mention testing, because that can freak anybody out.

  • ok guys test you all the time I swear the guy I like is dooing the same thing but you might want to check and make sure he's not mad at you