My sister has a thing for a guy who works at our college's REC .How should she go about talking to him/date?

My sis has a crush on a guy who works at our school's fitness center. How should she go about talking to him without seeming creepy, letting him know she is interested, and hopefully leading up to a date? Thanks for the advice everyone!


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  • She should just be friendly and start a conversation with him. Smile and be outgoing. If she goes to the gym regularly they will get to know each other.


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  • I have a few friends who are usually too shy to approach a guy. I'm pretty forward and brazen so usually volunteer myself as wing girl. There's no need to force them into the fire.

    Be your sister's wing girl and go up to him and let him know that she's been eyeing him.

    Plus side: If he's interested, he'll say come on over.

    Possible Negatives: He says he has a girlfriend or becomes more interested in you. Hey, it happens!

    But I say it's worth a gamble. :-)