How do you get a guy to kiss you?

So...I've never been kissed. and yeah I want it to mean more than just a kiss...but than again, I just want it to happen. So...


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  • Break the touch barrier. Guy's thoroughly like being touched by girls that they're interested in. A touch( comparing hand sizes, touching his shoulder) can set off all kinds of bells and whistles that makes guy's think of kissing and other acts intimacy.

    Looking at a guy's lips and licking your lips also helps. When you're talking to a guy, and there's a break in the conversation, slowly look down at his lips as he watches, then look briefly back up into his eyes. It's a clear sign that you want him to kiss you, and if he's not bashful, you'll get your wish.


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  • Presuming that you are not seeing the guy.

    1 Wear a nice formfitting dress

    2 go to a niteclub

    3 scout a guy who is near your attractiveness level.$nothing more and nothing less

    3 eye f*** him and smile a lot at himn maybe even dance with him ( avoid grinding if possible, but don't shy away from touching )

    4 pull him into a dimmly lite corner and engae in some small talk

    5 continue to eye f*** him,but alternate that with staring at his lips from time to time

    6 he will make the move.

  • If you're a reasonably good looking girl and you just walk up and kiss any guy you know, chances are pretty solid he will continue to kiss you.

    • True Story. If a hot stranger walked up to me and kissed me, I would stay for the whole ride. lol

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  • You only get one first kiss. Don't waste it. Cherish it!

    It'll come when you're with the right guy. Mine happened when I was 19. We had gone out a few times before, and we were alone and looking in each others' eyes, and our hands were kind of on each other (intertwined, on my knee, etc.), I saw he was getting, I leaned forward, he did it, and fireworks erupted.

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