What is the proper amount of texting with a cute guy friend without getting clingy?

I got too clingy and things were tense for a few days. I apologized last night through a message and we made up I guess you could say. Since I dodged that bullet, what is OK as far as talking with a guy friend you have feelings for, without being too clingy but without seeming too aloof? He does know I like him.


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  • if they start replying with very short answers or takes a long time to reply, back off.

    but if they keep the conversation going I think your safe.

    Good luck

    • Thank you! I am just going to take it slowly for a few more days before really trying to talk again. I just don't want to go overboard, and I don't want to talk too little either.

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    • That's a good thing to think about! Thank you so much and I really appreciate it! :) I like the thought of having him wonder what I am up to!

    • anytime.. keep me in the loop and I will have my fingers crossed for you!

  • Set yurself a daily limit, but I'd say never more than 2 a day unless there is some urgent issue you HAVE to answer!

    • Send him two a day or wait until he sends me a message before saying anything? He is shy and I am too. I am just much more comfortable texting because I don't have to face him.

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    • Might be a little tough to hold back, but I will accept any advice I can get. I don't want to get clingy again! :)

    • Don't let him know you're hung up on him!

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