Boys:Is it bad that I'm being so 'irresistible' to a point that he gets butterflies from the slightest touch?

My boyfriend says he likes certain things that I do when we cuddle. For example, he says it gives him butterflies when I touch his leg. We haven't even kissed yet though. I'm not necessarily interested in things related to that at all, but he says I'm very 'irresistible' and sometimes he just wants to kiss me more than anything. A few other guys think I'm very attractive too, in an almost innocent sort of way. I guess I'm seductive in his opinion, which I honestly don't get because he's my first boyfriend so I'm very inexperienced. Plus I'm not really into that stuff yet. Is it bad that I'm being so 'irresistible' to a point that he gets butterflies from the slightest touch, considering I won't even let him kiss me? Is it like torturing him? Or do you boys like that sort of thing? If so, what are some other things I can do that are 'irresistible?'

P.S. I sort of like being irresistible..


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  • It's torture. Let him kiss you, don't let him take it any further though if it is against your wishes. Maybe start out with letting him kiss you on the cheek if it really makes you feel uncomfortable. He should be able to express his love for you, and you should let him. Not being able to do so is extremely painful.

    • Well I know he loves me and he knows I really like him (unfortunately not love quite yet) and we express it in different ways other than kissing.. So wouldn't doing things that I guess make me 'irresistible' make the relationship better by making him want me more? Or not at all?

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