Have you ever nixed a person as a dating option, but had a change of heart?

There was a guy "friend" who I knew liked me, but honestly was incredibly immature and I did not have the patience for that. Talked about all of the girls he'd be with and just stupid stuff I didn't care for. I didn't find him attractive at all.

But now, he's growing up, it seems. He's being responsible, and empathetic, and a good listener to boot. We're talking more. And all of a sudden he's not as unattractive. I would even say he is tyo some extent. Is this normal? Has this ever happened to you? lol


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  • Perfectly normal. This happened with a girl friend of mine, but this type of situation makes sense. I believe that if you can be friends with some you can potentially fall for them and as you get to know them more and more they may reveal more and more things that make them appealing that may not have been visible in the beginning. I also believe that subconciously you may have liked this guy for some time and now that he's cleaning his act you are starting to acknowledge those feelings


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