Is he playing me or not interested?

Ok, so I met this guy in late June at a friends' house party. We hit it off by talking the whole night and he seemed a little shy around me. The next day, he friend requested me on fb and I accepted. I didn't hear from him for the next 3 months. my friends kept telling me he likes me since he asked them if I was dating anyone so I decided to message him, "hey, how've you been? we haven't spoken since the party!"

Soon after, he suggested that we should chill sometime. from there, we went out once. it was nice with some nervousness & awkwardness, but that's expected. he was talkative and really flirty initiating playful physical contact throughout the whole night and a complete gentleman opening doors for me. I was a little shy. as I went home after the date ended, I got a text from him saying, "hope you got home safely. let's chill next time when I get back into town!" I text him back a week later asking him how the trip. he responded back, but when I asked when's he free to chill again...i haven't heard back. it's been almost 2 months and we only met twice. I can't read this "punishment" for me not contacting him right after he fb requested me?

i've showed interest in him by initiating contact and texting back. Is he playing hard to get, waiting on me, shy, or not interested? should I text him again giving him the benefit of the doubt even though he previously ignored me?


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  • If a guy is into you he will move heaven and earth to get in touch with you. Women put way to much effort over analyzing how we think. We really are not that creative when it comes to relationships. If you haven't already seen the movie "He's just not that into you" you should. Its based on a book of the same title so if you like to read get it. It nails guys to a t. To answer your question he isn't into you. Lose him.


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