What exactly were his intentions? Does he like me?

Before I start let me say I just got out of a bad relationship last week.

last weekend he was suppose to hang with me because I was in need of comfort of a friend like any heartbroken girl would want he was suppose to cheer me up but things came up we didn't.

Tuesday night he messaged me on Facebook was like can I hangout I said yes of course because I wanted to drink and just have fun ya know? well we were hanging in his car at this beach park I started venting about how I was hurting what happened he was so comforting was like "god you look so bummed :( let me hug you" he just listen gave me advice to move on because I was clearly wasting my time but it's liked cared about me he was so concern for me and wanted me happy I noticed a lot of physical flirting like he would put his hand on my leg be like it's okay smile your're too pretty to be sad or side leg slap it be like "hey cheer up"! then I started to get super depressed we all know liqour makes you break down lol I was sitting there I leaned my head down he said " would you get offended if I wanted to kiss you?" I said no because I wanted him to kiss me it just felt right. the way he kissed me was like something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie it was long and soft and passionate! he didn't do it once he did it a few times that night! then I leaned layed my head on chest he leaned on me was like " you know I always had a thing for you" I was like really? because I always have too and I mean then again we known each other for years!.. the night was coming to a end I was originally suppose to go home he asked if I wanted to stay over his house he was like "i know you are all bummed don't want to be alone but you can stay over" part of me felt like he wanted me to cause he liked me? well I stood over I was so shocked it didn't get sexual or he didn't try to come on to me! instead we cuddled there he gave me those passionate kisses. I started to drift to sleep I remember him softly kissing my top shoulder upwards while he was rubbing my back up and down then he kissed the top of my head he cuddled me closely I went to sleep.. the next morning we woke up just talked and stuff he asked if we can spoon I didn't know what that was he's like come close I'll show you it was cute... he def loved holding me a lot.

now my question is from what I said does he like me? why did he ask to kiss me? did spooning mean anything? where was he trying to go when he said he always had a thing for me?


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  • I think this is one of those instances where you're going to have to just talk to the guy. Nobody here knows what is going on in his head or how things really are.

    He obviously thinks about you and maybe he's just as confused as you are.

    Good communication is vital to the success of any relationship. It's normal to be a little awkward and sleeping together early on can create a false sense of intimacy.

    • I know only way to know for sure is to ask him but I just want opinions. I don't think his intentions are to play me like a fool especially being that's what I was complaining of in the car ya know? I don't think he's confused I think he was well aware of what he wants I mean he asked to kiss me? too be honest I just felt this vibe from him that he was feeling me... but that kiss was so unexpected blew me away! in a good way

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    • I suppose I should. next time I see him I will.. I just hope he was being real being that I just got hurt too

    • lets be +ve and hope for the best ... I wish you won't get hurt.

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