Texting or no texting!!!!!!!!

I have Been texting this guy for a couple weeks now. At the beginning. He was the one who usually text first and then it became me. We talked everyday for hrs. We had good conversations and all of sudden the texting stop. Didn't talk for 3 days. So I send him a text no reply

Two days ago he texted me. He apologied, he said he was really busy. He had a car accident a week ago which I knew about. He was dealing with the accident, the court and all that. After that no more text. Wait! NOW I M REALLY CONFUSED. I DON T KNOW WHAT TO DO


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  • Hes not interested anymore. It sucks I have been there but its time to move on to someone else


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  • yup I've also done that cause I lost interest in the girl :P

    it was on Facebook but same principle


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