What's a guy's definition of dating?

I've been "seeing"/talking to/hanging out with this guy for the past few weeks. He's stayed over at my house a few times and we talk regularly throughout the day. He's made a few joking references including words like couple or relationship, but that's about the extent of it.

So my question is, at what point does a guy determine that they are dating or being exclusive with someone? Do joking references/being open about communication with exes/other girls "break the ice" for dating? Must there be a conversation to establish exclusivity? What's the deal?


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  • Well as each guy thinks differently, here's a few suggestions or things to note:

    1) who initiates the conversation,

    2) what clothes he wears when he meets you- matching the occasion;

    3) try postpone a meet-up saying you busy and see what happens.

    Hope it helps

    • We talk on and off throughout the day, every day. If I'm at work and it's mid morning and I haven't texted him, he'll text me. As far as clothes he typically dresses the same, but they match the occasion. I've told him I had other plans when he suggested staying over again and he seemed bummed but obviously was content to let me do what I wanted.

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