Is he still interested if he's still texting me?

So here's the situation.. I met this guy online and we started texting. We met for coffee a couple weeks ago and it went really well. He mentioned that next time we should go out for dinner. I texted him that night that it was nice meeting him in person and he said that he had fun.

So texting has continued, but it's not as frequent as before we met. He mentioned that he was going to be really busy with work for the next week so I didn't text him and all, and he didn't text me either. I didn't think I'd hear from him but after the week was over he texted apologizing for not texting this week.

He still seems interested I guess, I just wonder why he doesn't text as often as he had before our date. I'm aware this doesn't mean much, but he sends smileys all the time when we text which I don't get from my guy friends. Why hasn't he said anything about going out again?

So what do you think this guy's deal is?


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  • why are you txting him so much. CALL HIM. are you going to text him when eating dinner with him. Lets get together Friday night.


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