He says he is a cheap date?

every time I mention to him that I want to get food somewhere he asks where you going and I'll say whatever restaurant is in the area he doesn't want to go. I wanted food from a hibachi place, he says I can go and he'll just order take out. I know he is working hard and his money isn't right at times. I want to treat him to a nice dinner but he won't go:( all he says is "I'm a cheap date babe"


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  • Dear xxdreamer423xx,

    Some men do not like to consume food that is more a delicacy. He may wish to eat food that is more cheap and quick and possibly more filling. It should not worry you to much but you two should spend a few night eating at a restaurant together. I hope I have provided and answer to your issue.


    The English Gentlemen

    • he eats anything ..except sushi lol. I know he is a steak and potato kind of guy and I want to take him to a steakhouse but he won't go.

    • He may not enjoy eating out, but still he should at least try it. Try to convince him to leave, and join you for dinner every once and a while.

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  • Sorry my comment bar doesn't work, but if money bothers him, that's why I said add in the 'he can pay for the next date' thing. So he won't be feeling awkward on you spending money on him like he's destitute or something..

    -love Sosa

  • its nice he wants to be a cheap date, but just tell him you want to take him to a place he deserves to go, not mcdondalds. and if he insists on splitting the money, tell him to treat next time

    -love Sosa

    • he eats junk like burgers and pizza, I told him he needs a real meal. I think the money issue bothers him