My boyfriend went on a 'break' and I stupidly said he could go on a date. Opinions please... :(

so not long ago me and my boyfriend went on a 'break' and I stupidly said he could go on a date. I changed my mind after not even 48 hours and texted him saying I didn't want him to go on that date. we called the break off and he said he still wanted to ask her out and 'test the waters' but I didn't think he would actually do it, at least not without telling me about it.

fast forward to now. last night we had a fight so I gave him the whole day for space and thinking and sh*t. then he accidentally sends me a text he was supposed to send someone else telling them about something the girl he went on a date with said, with a picture. he told me he was going to cancel last minute but then we had that fight last night so he went. he says he was going to tell me about it but not like this.

he's obviously still mad at me because of the fight last night and now I'm mad at him and kind of disappointed. I feel like he doesn't love me anymore.. :( </3 my life can't get any more worse/complicated.


* I said my boyfriend could go on a date while we were on a break

* we called off the break because I changed my mind

* we had a fight last night

* he went on the date anyway

* I feel betrayed and like he doesn't love me anymore.


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  • I would say be clear with him. Yes/No.

    Just sit with him and discuss and tell him that where you both went wrong. If he doesn't want to discuss about it. Give him sometimes so that he will feel relaxed and then ask him again-probably 3-4 days later. If he is not responding the way you think. This will mean he will definitely try to move on.

    It has been started a 'break'. So you should also be clear about your thoughts that what exactly you want.

  • Confusion. You first you do not, then you will. He the same or similar. I think you and him should forget everything and to start from the very beginning.


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