My boyfriend and I have been together a month. Before this we had been friends since the summer.

This past weekend, he hung out with 3 other girls- none that I know or even knew he was hanging out, with until he finally admitted the other day he had been with them at his neighbor's house. When he told me one of them had been "coming on to him" but he didn't leave, I began to think he may have cheated. This of course caused an argument, but we got through and I decided because it hasn't been a long relationship to give him another chance. I'm into the idea of long term relationships, not crappy one or two months. Now though, he's been coming off very strong. He tells me I'm "the one" and his "everything", sending me 6 messages per text about how he is willing to do anything to make it up to me about "what he did last weekend", which he claims still to be just hanging out with these other girls. It's been a month, so I want to give him a chance, but again, it;s been A MONTH and he now thinks I'm "the one" ,but right now he doesn't have my full trust still because of these other girls. Is it wrong of me to ignore his sweet messages, or do I have a right to feel annoyed and betrayed almost? I hate missing out on an opportunity to make things right, but when I mentioned he's coming off as too much he seemed upset which isn't what I wanted. I feel like I should ditch this but can't now that he thinks these things of me- please help!


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  • If he said they just hung out, I think you should give him the benefit of the doubt. Did he start acting differently after he hung out with them? If not, no worries.

    I do believe he shouldn't have left if a girl comes on to him, saying that he has a girlfriend and isn't interested is enough, for the rest he should just ignore the flirting. No need to leave.

    He knows you not for just a month, maybe half a year now? It's not like he just gets to know you now. He just wants you to know that he wouldn't cheat on you because his feelings are getting quite strong.

    I wouldn't ignore his messages, you just said you wanted this to work out.

    If you have feelings for him, try to talk about it one more time. Tell him you're not so comfortable with girls coming on to him and you don't know how to deal with that.


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  • You need to think about yourself when it comes to dating. As selfish as it sounds, YOU need to do what's best for you. Regardless on what your partner thinks of you. Either you will get hurt or the other person will. Better break hearts, than to have your own broken. That's what dating is all about. If he annoys you and you feel like he just wants you physically without loving you for who you are... Leave him.

    simple as that.


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  • you do have the right to feel annoyed.

    but you guys have been going out for only one month. and that really isn't a long time. Also.. it takes more than a month for a guy to realize that his gilrfriend is "the one".

    Honestly, because both have you have been going out for such a short period of time, I say give him another shot. If you really aren't happy or comfortable with what happened, end it now before you guys get deeper into the relationship!

    Or my other opinion would be to see how things go from here but I warn you do not fall inlove with him so quickly. Because IF he screws up again but when your feelings for him are super strong it will be a rough time. Also he would then blow his second chance and that's where you know he isn't treating you properly. That's where you end it. No girl wants to be treated badly by a guy.

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